Ovid Experiment W6.9 California White Blend 2019

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Wine Tasting Notes
To re-imagine how white wine in California can be fully realized, we threw out the rulebook while crafting this unique Experiment blend. The result is an unconventional integration of varieties that we culled from around the state. Deliberately not focused on a single site, varietal or style, the W series is imagination set free, ingenuity unbound.

W6.9 is an unconventional integration of eight grape varieties from five appellations, ranging from coastal mountain tops to rocky valley floors. Working with growers and vineyards from around California provided the ultimate off-the-beaten-track perspective, while farming conversations among the vines, long commutes to far-flung sites and in-between moments of quiet reflection provided fresh inspiration that elevated our effort. The result, we believe, is a complete and compelling expression of a new point of view on white wine.

Expansive and evolving notes of rose petal, passion fruit, jasmine and guava reflect the broad range of varieties in the 2019 Experiment W6.9, while vibrant acidity and fresh palate bring the wine into focus. We hope you enjoy this adventurous experiment in white wine as much as we do.

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