Koloa Kauai Cacao Chocolate Hawaiian Rum 750ml

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Koloa Cacao Rum is made from the mash of raw cane sugar, distilled in an impressive vintage 1,210 gallon, steam-powered copper pot still and cut with filtered water from the ancient Mount Wai'ale'ale.
  • Appearance - Intense chocolate color, with rich deep undertones, resembling fudge.
  • Nose - Delicate floral notes with a balanced nutty, but not overpowering enjoyable cocoa aroma.
  • Taste and Finish - The Cacao chocolate flavored rum is creamy with mocha notes and even with an 80-proof ABV - which is part of what makes this rum so unique - it has a buttery smooth taste, highlighted by subtle notions of spice. The journey comes full circle with the accent of balanced cacao nibs and a pleasant strong coffee finish.

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