Heaven Hill 27 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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This one-time, barrel-proof bottling is comprised of 27-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon produced between 1989 and 1990 at Old Heaven Hills Springs Distillery before it was destroyed by fire in 1996. Only 41 barrels of pre-fire Bourbon were included in this bottling, and when all barrels were mingled, the natural proof was an unusually low 94.7 proof. Produced from some of the oldest barrels in Kentucky, this Bourbon will make a profound statement on bar shelves and palates alike.

  • Color: Muted copper
  • Aroma: Dried fruits, baking spices, and pipe tobacco notes
  • Palate: Vanilla, floral, pepper & clove
  • Finish: Warm build up to a long yet soft finish
94.7 Proof

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