Clendenen Family Le Bon Climat Vineyard Santa Maria Aligote 2019 Rated 91WE

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Rated 91
One of the few winemakers to tackle this Burgundian variety each vintage, Jim Clendenen presents aromas of dried lemon peel, yellow melon, light mint and a touch of savory wood on the nose of this bottling. The palate offers dried citrus and nut flavors, from Meyer lemon peel to cashew, with a beach-sand minerality.

This not just another label, it is a project of passion for winemaker/owner Jim Clendenen. These are artisan, small lots of distinctive wines where commerce is not the driving force. These wines have the luxury to be in barrel as long as they need it. Wines that are nuanced, long lived, food-friendly, with firm acidities, and moderate alcohol.

Wine Tasting Notes
From new vines, this Aligote offers a lively, fresh fruit character of citrus, pear, with mineral and floral notes. It is dry and well structured. Here is a definite "porch pounder" - fantastic for warm weather, outdoor fish fries, and everyday sippin'.

The aromas are fresh pear and lavender with a saline background. There is tartness to this wine, like the Burgundian version of Aligoté, but his wine has so much more. This tartness meshes with the steely/mineral aspect of this wine to make this a perfect match with seafood. A bottle of Aligoté, a plate of garlicky clams and an ocean view sounds like a perfect match.

Alcohol 12.5%

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