Bottle Logic Arborescence Barrel-Aged Hazelnut Berry Stout 2020 500ml

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Arborescence is a small-batch release that celebrates the spirit of craft distilling. We built a bold stout base to age in 15-gallon bourbon barrels from Los Angeles's R6 Distilling and Evanston, Illinois's FEW Spirits. Where our typical 53-gallon bourbon barrels layer hints of oak, vanilla, caramel, and just a nip of bourbon spirit into a finished beer, the increased contact area of liquid to wood across this medley of small vessels amplifies these rich flavors and makes for a barrel-forward, 15.21% ABV finished product. We've made elegant use of adjuncts carefully selected to complement this rare barrel character. Summer blackberries weave an earthy, subtle sweetness through the liquid. A finishing filter of hazelnuts adds smooth, nutty depth. A faint dusting of allspice finishes the piece with almost-imperceptible nuance. This is the bourbon drinker's answer to pastry stouts.

15.21% ABV

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